Installation and Training

Installation and training must be purchased for any system and will be performed by friendly representatives who are experts on the equipment and understand your applications. The cost of the installation and training will be laid out at the time of quotation on the system and it includes:

  • Travel expenses
  • Instrument setup
  • Verification of the instrument performance to manufacturers specifications
  • Setup of methods based on specifications determined at the time of sale with feedback from the customer as to specific requirements
  • Training on basic instrument operation, maintenance and system information
  • Additional “in-depth” training may be provided time permitting

Ultimately, the goal of every installation and training is to ensure that the system is performing to the specifications determined at the time of sale, and to guarantee that the customer is comfortable running the system. The length of installation and training will depend on the type of system that is being installed and the types of analysis being run.

ManSci Service can provide a quotation for additional training required for specialized installation or training including IQ/OQ, equipment relocation (i.e., moving locations), retraining for new operators, in-depth software training, etc. Often, the manufacturers of the equipment we support also hold training seminars that customers can purchase and attend. Please contact ManSci for schedules, pricing and availability.


Download the ManSci Installation and Training sheet (PDF)

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