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Product Overview
Benefits of the AutoMax™ Samplers
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MANTECH AutoMax™ Samplers

MANTECH AutoMax™ samplers are rugged, reliable instruments that, combined with MANTECH’s sample preparation and analysis capabilities, deliver reliable results consistently, day after day. 

AutoMax™ Laboratory Benefits:
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Complete Software Control
  • Low Cost of Ownership

MANTECH automation solutions deliver results that stand the test of time!

MANTECH was the first company to introduce true X, Y, Z robotic autosamplers to the titration industry.  In our tradition of innovation, we have added ion analysis, turbidity, spectrophotometry and BOD to the automation platforms.

Features and Benefits of the MANTECH AutoMax™ Samplers:

  • Rugged, durable, reliable and proven to operate for years, with little maintenance.
  • Completely controlled by MANTECH software.
  • Flexibility allows for easy sample preparation, liquid handling, heating/cooling, covering/uncovering, analysis, etc.
  • Probes travel direct to sample and rinse positions, eliminating extra movements
  • Sampler only travels over analyzed samples or between sample rows, eliminating the potential for cross contamination.
  • Dynamic flowing rinse station and the capability to define multiple rinse stations.
  • Capability to use many different tubes, sample cups and beakers.  Custom racks are easily incorporated.
  • Capacity ranges from 18 to 197 sample positions, using standard MANTECH racks - The largest range and capacity in the market.



AutoMax Probe holders

Benefits of the AutoMax™ Sampler Systems
V.S. Standard Carousel Systems

Advantages of the MANTECH AutoMax™ Samplers
Disadvantages of Carousel Autosamplers

MANTECH AutoMax™ robotic sampler probes move direct to the samples, while the sample cups remain stationary.

With a carousel autosampler, the sample cups have to move to set positions where the probes can reach them.  This requires extra move steps with 5 very important considerations, all which may fail:

  • Start
  • Accelerate
  • Move at constant speed
  • Decelerate
  • Stop at the correct position
If any one of these steps fails or operates incorrectly, sample from one cup may spill into another, leading to cross-contamination or the probes may miss the sample altogether.

These extra move steps, especially with a heavy tray full of samples, add to wear and tear on the carousel autosampler.

MANTECH AutoMax™ robotic samplers allow the entire travel area to be used for sample positions, allowing large sample capacities, plus it is very simple to ensure that travel is over previously analyzed samples or between sample rows.

Carousel autosamplers require concentric, side-by-side rows of samples to increase capacity, requiring careful programming to ensure travel of probes does not occur over un-analyzed samples.  Also, the side-by-side rows contain different numbers of samples as the circle diameter gets smaller, closer to the center.

When a value is determined for the number of sample positions versus footprint, the  X, Y and Z autosamplers offer the best value for laboratories.

MANTECH AutoMax™ samplers enable simple definition of rack positions for calibrants, QC, standards, etc. as well as easy addition of rush/priority samples.  Travel to and from these sites will be over already analyzed samples or between rows.
Some carousel autosamplers may allow for these set positions but in some cases it will require travel over un-analyzed samples, leading to cross contamination. These extra movements also add to the wear and tear on the autosampler.
MANTECH has over 39 years of automation experience utilizing X, Y, Z and carousel autosamplers in different instrument configurations.   The decision to employ X, Y and Z autosamplers was made to enhance the value for laboratories. 

In summary, the MANTECH AutoMax™ samplers provide the best value with leading edge technology that will meet the needs of laboratories now and in the future.

MANTECH AutoMax™ samplers are rugged, reliable and proven to operate day in and day out for many years with little maintenance.  An investment in MANTECH automation is an investment in performance, efficiency and profitability.

Invest in the best.  Invest in MANTECH Automation!




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